Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kimberley Show Dates

Dear PMP,
there has been some confusion about the dates for our show in Kimberley. I think that we are fortunate to be in their calendar  and hope that  a large number of us will participate.
It will give us an opportunity to show work that may be going around again....still only pick your best. We will attempt to earn an annual event in Kimberley.
The dates have just been confirmed at April 30-May 25.
If you are interested, please start getting your bio and cv organized. We will need them for our PMP show at
Pynelogs, as well. The dates or reality of that show will depend upon the jury process, which is no big deal for us...right??
Send  me your paperwork by e-mail once you have it in tip top shape.
We will paint for two days in Windermere again. Nov 20/21. Build inventory!!