Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Exciting News!

Hi all,

I got a call from the Book Bar yesterday asking for some input. The Book Bar is expanding into the former Beach Bound location and is opening - drum roll - a full art supply section! This will be so great. The Book Bar is looking for feedback from local painters as to what brands they prefer and what other supplies (canvases, brushes, mediums, etc.) they would like to see. I agreed to gather some info and put it together for them. So please, add a comment and list your favorite brands and stuff. I will be compiling and forwarding on when I return from Van on Friday. So excited!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Purcell Mountain Painters: 2012 Pynelogs Show

Purcell Mountain Painters: 2012 Pynelogs Show

Pynelogs Show

And my direct email is


2012 Pynelogs Show

Good Morning PMPs and friends,

I am the liaison for the above show for this year. The show is coming up fast (May 15) and I wanted to get the final list of
participating painters, Here is the list
I have so far:

Laila Jensen
Mary Webster
Grace Allen
Sherry Mallach
Sandra Howard
Sandra Brown
Leslie Colvin
Rowena Singha
Gwen Pratt
Victoria Page
Bill Croft
Tony Valentine
Wolfgang Kunz
Elizabeth Stuart
Barry Garbett
Erla Mottram
Sebastian Bell
If you are on this list could you please drop me a reply
email. If you are not on this list and are
a PMP who would like to be in the show could you please drop me a line as
well. I would like to finalize the list
asap. Next step is to determine how many
pieces each artist would like to display (at least 3, probably no more than
6). I will get back to you on that. Once I have the list, I will be communicating
directly with participating painters.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Gwen has asked me to publish this post:

On March 27th.. 12:30 Paula Cravens will be conducting an acrylic workshop.
This will be at WINDERMERE COMMUNITY HALL.The Tuesday painters who wish to be in Windermere all day are welcome to go there from 9:00 on.
Treats will be provided but sharing is always good.
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from an accomplished member of our group!!!

Again those Tuesday painters, who wish to, may start out there in the morning will be welcome to do so. The rest of us will be in our usual spot at the Seniors' Hall INVERMERE.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

CV Arts Fees


Tony asked about the CVArts membership and I promised to check in with Jami about that. All painters who are showing in the 2012 PMP show at the Pynelogs need to buy an individual CV Arts membership. You can drop by Pynelogs during its business hours to do this.

If you would rather mail your cheque in, I have several forms and have dropped a few off with some of the Tuesday painters. I will bring them to painting again on Tuesday.