Monday, February 20, 2012

Life/figure drawing

This is Rowena;
Please respond to the following;
                                                I am trying to get a life/figure drawing, regular session of say 6 weeks happening. Then we could extend it if we want to. Sarah Eastick is willing to teach starting in March. She is a great instructor. I took her course through the college this winter, and I was impressed. Barry and Laurie were there too. We would need to hire a model, or take turns modeling. It could all be quite economically feasible, if we have enough interest. So please let me know, yes, no or maybe!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear PMP's!!
With the dates of our show set we now need to paint our little hearts out!! Those of you who have individual shows will be burning the midnight oil! :}
It is probably good to aim to have a minimum of 3 pieces each. We will have an awesome show!!

This show begins right after Doug Swinton and before Liz Wiltzen so forewarned is.....

We can paint all day Tuesdays, so now is when!! After all, we should have ordered our seeds by now so spring cannot be far around the corner.

I will send Laila this list of those of us who have applied and it will be in her hands to herd the cats that are PMP!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pynelgos 2012 Show

Hi Painters,

I spoke with Jami today and have some news about the PMP show. Jami complimented the group on the quality of our application. Thanks Victoria!

She asked if I would mind running some items by the PMPs. First of all, it looks like the last 2 weeks of May is the proposed time of our show. That includes the May long weekend, and the restaurant is open. Also, she thinks we can reserve these 2 weeks of May year over year.

Also, she said the jury noticed that several PMPs have also applied for their own show. It was pointed out that if a painter uses the same pieces for both shows, it appears that the painter has a four-week show with the same art. She is tasked with coming up with a solution and is suggesting that painters who show in both the PMP show and their own show use different pieces for each show.

I am fine with both of the above. Maybe we could get everyone's comments at painting on Tuesday? Or post them on the blog here.

Thanks! Laila