Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PMP Gallery Show

Hi all,

Thanks, Sandra, for that post and for getting the ball rolling on talking about what improvements we might want to look at for the next show. I agree that it was awkward and frustrating for a few of us at Pynelogs yesterday morning trying to sort out the confusion and get the paintings removed. 

After being the liaison this year, I have a few suggestions for improving things next year. 

1. All showing painters need to volunteer and/or participate in some way during the two-week show.  Most of the painters are fantastic and ready to put their hand up to participate in making the show a success.  If some painters are not involved, it's unfair to the rest. There are several ways painters can participate and I suggest that every painter needs to find a way if they want to be in the show.

2.  Everyone needs to be clear about the Gallery requirements.  When you enter the show, you agree to those requirements and you have to supply the information requested.  It's not optional.

3.  Drop off and pick up should go more smoothly.  Painters have to have firm arrangements for that, so we don't have the confusion of yesterday. 

So, those are my suggestions and I think the group should discuss and decide some things before the next call out later this year.  I'm happy to help and support whoever is willing to act as next year's liaison. 

Thanks to all.  It was a good show!


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  1. I am looking for four paintings that Rowena Sinha had put in the PMP show. I promised her that I would pick them up AND THEN totally forgot!! I am the bad guy, the one who didn’t pick up paintings.

    They were: a large native American portrait
    A large mother and child portrait
    A painting of chickens
    A barn painting

    If anyone knows of the where abouts of the said paintings, please email me and I will come and pick them up. I truly apologize for the inconvenience. I can only blame my menopausal brain and the discombobulation of starting a new job interfering with my thinking patterns.


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