Monday, May 28, 2012

Pynelogs PMPGallery Show

Our show at Pynelogs was a success. Some of us sold work and the exposure to the gallery audience is always a plus. There was some excellent work and I think that all are showing their best work. That was the good part. Now for the bad part.

 Not all of our members lived up to their obligations to the gallery. It is unfortunate that some didn't as it puts a black mark on us all. The rules to participate in this show are clearly defined by the Gallery. Here are some of the rules some did not follow and surprisingly got away with but won't in the future.
  • You must provide a Bio/ Artist Statement 
  • You must provide a  Curriculum Vitae (CV) even if it is just a statement that you are self taught.
  • All wall art is to be properly framed and easy to hang  (proper wire hangers on the back) this applies to all. They need to have this type of control to keep the show truly professional.
  • Pieces were to be picked up on Sun. May 27 between 3-4  not Monday. Those of us who picked up our work Sunday were surprised that so many pieces were not picked up on that day.
  •  Monday when we came to drop off our three pieces for the following show we were  left to explain why our members hadn't picked up their work the day before.
  •  I know that their was a slight misunderstanding about repeat work for the current show. So some did come and try to leave or left work that had just hung for two weeks. But that was a misunderstanding with the new staff at the Gallery that didn't know that the previous weeks work was to be exchanged for other work  which could have been in other shows but not" the just closing" show.
  • Some people never came to pick up their work at all even on Monday and so among Sandra B, Laila J and I we had to take the work that was left and hope that it didn't get damaged because we didn't have packing material to transport your work. I know that sometimes we can't always drop off or pick up our own work.  But firm arrangements should have been made with someone of your choosing  so that Pynelogs  does not have to scramble around trying to get work picked off the walls so they can hang the new show on  Mondays. This is not acceptable. We hung around until almost noon to see if you were just late.  We collected at least 20 or 30 or more paintings for people that did not live up to their gallery obligations. The Gallery has no storage space for unsold pieces. 
  • I know that there will be discussion about this in the coming days.  I believe that  PMP members who have let us down should not be allowed to show with us in the future.  I know that there will be some whining but this has happened before and it does not reflect well on those of us who are trying to present a professional image.  Who did you think was going to look after your work after the show closed? There is no art fairy unless maybe Laila  who did all the extra emailing and stuff to help you participate in this show and then had to drag paintings home to be stored somewhere in her house........until you people find them. Please pickup your work at our houses promptly, we have no more room than you.  Hopping Mad!!!! Sandra H

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